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Costume Design

Coming Soon:

Blood at the Root

I am currently working as the Costume Designer for TAMUCC's MainStage production of Blood at the Root. I've got some great renderings and final production photos on the way! Check back for more later.

Macbeth ;

Costume Design Class, TAMUCC

For my final project, I designed costumes for characters in Shakespeare's Macbeth. Given complete freedom of concept (as long as it could be backed up textually), I chose the concept of London in the 80s. I sketched all of these and colored them with Prismacolors and gouache.

Banned Books ;

Costume Design Class, TAMUCC

For a project in Costume Design, we were assigned to design characters in books that had been banned. I chose the children's book Skippyjon Jones. Working with my co-designer John-Michael Sadleir, we designed costumes for the title character Skippyjon Jones as well as Mama.

Skippyjon Jones: Mason Todd

Mama: Mac McLendon

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